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Reimagining The Levels was formed by a group of people who all live on the Somerset Levels and care passionately about its future.  The devastating effects of the floods in 2013/14 to individuals, communities, the economy and the environment demonstrated the pressing need for a more joined-up approach that looks at the causes and solutions to flooding across the entire catchment.  The world’s changing climate poses a critical challenge to the people and landscape of the Somerset Levels.  Brexit too will have dramatic and far reaching implications but we believe that these changes could provide the ideal opportunity for a new vision for rural land use and its economy in terms of food production, farming support, environmental protection and rural development.  We have published a comprehensive report (see below) which details our vision.


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Climate change is the large-scale, long-term shift in the planet’s weather patterns, or average temperatures, that the world’s scientists agree is down to human activity.


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The analysis of the impact that climate change will play in shaping the future of the Somerset Levels and Moors is analysed on page 5 the mainreport t.



Climate change means that severe 1-in-100 years flood events are likely to become twice as frequent by the 2050s and sights like these pictured here will become commonplace unless something is done.


The harrowing and devastating effects of the flooding experienced by individuals living and working on the Somerset Levels in the winter of 2013/14 cannot be overestimated and the long-term economic cost to the Area is estimated to be in the region of £147 million by the Somerset Rivers Authority.


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The Somerset Levels and Catchment as a whole boasts one of the largest and biologically richest areas found anywhere in the UK.


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Woodland cover over the Somerset Levels and Catchment is low – at 6% compared to 10% for England and many of the smaller woodlands are undermanaged which can lead to biodiversity loss.


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The Somerset Levels and Catchment is theoretically self-sufficient in many types of food and drink....

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Ruth Khasave Oniang'o writes an interesting article in The Guardian linking what we eat with climate change.  Read it  here  .

The soils of the Somerset Levels and Catchment have two important roles; the presence of significant areas of peat soils that act as a store of organic carbon and the ability of farmland soils to store rainfall and reduce the risk of flooding.


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Soil cannot halt climate change, read it here (from Science Daily ).



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