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The initial focus on the project has been to commission and co-write a report (see below) outlining our collective vision for the future of the area.

The project and its reports address the growing threats that face the Levels and Moors from river and marine flooding, and they look ahead to the challenges and opportunities that will result from Brexit.

The Reimagining the Levels group uses the report to advocate a more socially, environmentally and economically sustainable future for the countryside and communities of the catchment. There needs to be a new balance struck between livelihood and environment, in which both are winners.

The title of the report ‘Reimagining the Levels – Making the Connections’ emphasises the need for joined-up thinking. The report makes connections between how we manage the upper and middle catchments and the flooding that occurs in the lower catchment; between the food purchasing decisions of local consumers and the livelihoods and production methods of our farmers; and between the organisations that regulate and support land and water management and the people who are affected by their decisions.

This report is seen as a beginning.

We want to work with everyone who shares our local passion.


1. Summary


2. Introductory Presentation


3. Main Project Report


4. Technical Annex


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